March 30, 2008

Walking tour!

Yesterday we saw sun after a long time, so just to celebrate it we had a looong walk in the hearts and veins of Paris. This was our random route that we followed! Basically we wanted to get lost in our favorite quarters of Paris! I guess this is my longest walk I ever did in Paris, the Google map says that this random itinerary is around 18 kms! 18kms with just one break in between! Every corner of Paris have some sensual entertainment to offer and no one can ever be bored to of such walks in Paris, especially when you have nice company with good discussion and arguments on every random topic possible ! May be this spring and summer will be a good time to break my own record and explore Paris by walks!


Anonymous said...

18 kms walk?
Oh my God
how long did it take? hope you are out of the juice diet now

iamyuva said...

great. i did the same here in lux y'day... ya this weekend was sunny. and today is cycling.. thanks for new (paris like) service.

Uma said...

yes! i just finished my juice fasting yesterday on its 12th day! Over all it took almost 4 - 5 hours!