March 15, 2008

Night and Death(Life)

What happens when the life is filled with anxieties, less than year to finish my PhD, again putting myself in a cross roads, big decisions to take… Again I may have to leave behind the friends with whom I have my Sunday lunch and chai. Leave behind the friends who can read me like a book… Will I be back to the country where I belong or will I go on exploring new lands… How warm these places will be? Last few weeks when I disappeared from my blog, I was thinking about it, sometimes these thoughts explain me the uncertainty of the life and depress me. Today morning when these thoughts were coming again, I was recalled a poem from my school days, a poem called “To Night” by Joseph Blanco White. The poem about the first human (Adam and Eve’s) anxieties about the night they are going to face, just a thought that that they are going to lose the sun, totally ignorant about all the pleasant things of night, filled their evening with anxieties, The following line still touches me in the same way as it did 20years before!

Who could have thought such darkness lay concealed
Within thy beams, O Sun! or who could find,
Whilst fly and leaf and insect stood revealed,
That to such countless orbs thou mad'st us blind!
Why do we then shun Death with anxious strife?
If Light can thus deceive, wherefore not Life?
-Joseph Blanco White

With this optimisitic thought that my nights are also going to be as pleasent as my days, I promise to be more regular in my blog.

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Mampi said...

Stumbled upon your blog as I was searching for some references on this sonnet by Joseph Blanco White. After reading this post I found it so relevantly quoted.