March 17, 2008

Om Shanti Om

My boss, who is a big fan of India, Indian food and its culture etc.etc, Once told me that in his image of India and Indians , the bollywood concept never fits into that frame. How can the people, who have mastered the ancient yoga to the present IT , who believes in the mastery over the five senses and hence the mind, using meditation can enjoy such ridiculous bollywood movies? I was not able to justify my love for bollywood that weekend, but I feel after this weekend I can answer this question. Last few weeks I was in a heavy mood, rainy days kept us away from my usual sports waking, biking and roller blading , This weekend also ended up in indoors , watching ‘Om Shanthi Om’, a recent bollywood movie made as a tribute to all the ridiculous aspects of bollywood with holy the mantra for Spiritual Peace as its title….what a contradiction!!! The hero of this movie sings a dreamy disco song to overcome his breakup with his beloved …. Where on earth is that possible??? This reminded me of one of the concept we learned in our meditation classes; We often treat Darkness (sadness) and light (happiness) as two different entities when we are in dark we do all big intellectual discussion, run to psychologist to understand this source of darkness and desperately try to catch up with things going around us and the reality in spite of the darkens, but the darkness is just the absence of light …Right? So … just adding some light, it can be through such ridiculous stuff may help us to get out of darkness. Once we are out of darkness the things around us, the reality will start reveling itself. I ended up bringing out the kid inside me and did some really ridiculous stuff with the group of friends, laughed sooo much…never laughed that much after coming to Paris…. Now I am back to my regular routine of meditation, blogging, to get back to my duties on time. Laughter is a good medicine; sometimes we have to come out of intellectual prison to buy this medicine.


sahana said...

You couldnt have said it better Uma, darkeness, light, and the magical effects of laughter with friends.. :-) That crazy Sat nite wouldnt have happened without you .. I catch myself grinning each time I think about it.. Have never hear you laugh like that before!! Thanks for that and here's looking forward to some more crazy times! :-) hugs..

Uma said...

Thanks a lot sahana, dont put the full 'blame' ;-) on me, it needs two to were the one helping me to break the prison locks ;-)

iamyuva said...

totally.. most crazy stuff are stupid ones. so is great movements in life are simple and silly ones.