August 21, 2006

Started at Bern...

My travel in Switzerland took some unexpected twists and turns…I was all set to leave the meditation centre and start travelling, Then I met Sandra, a fellow meditator from Austria, she was planning to travel around in Switzerland in car . So we decided to travel together, it was still raining we left the centre and started driving towards Bern. It was nice to drive between mountains and lakes. We stopped at Bern for lunch and a stroll in the old city ,in the banks of beautiful greenish blue river Aare. Also since the city is named after bears, there is a small bear pit, where two poor bears were kept locked, right in the middle of the city. The weather was still bad; we started driving towards Speiz, a small little village again in the banks of greenish blue beautiful lake. We stopped and strolled next to the lake and had a coffee break in the banks of lake Thun. Another 45 min drive took us to the Interlaken, were we booked a hostel and decided to stay for two days or until the weather gets better.

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