August 17, 2006

Mont Soleil..

After reaching Mont Soleil, and started meditating, I did not see both Mont and Soleil for at least a week, the mountain(Mont) was hidden by fog and the sun(Soleil) was behind the clouds, but it was so wonderful for meditation, one day early in the morning after meditating from 4:30 to 6:00 , came out of the meditation hall into a big balcony, and saw thick fog surrounding the centre, because of the lightness in mind and body had a feeling of living between clouds. In the breaks, it was so nice to walk in the woods in the wet wild grass. And later during the sunny days we had after noon nap in the grass land surrounded by woods, it was so relaxing for the body and mind. That’s the picture of the meditation centre, taken on the 10th day, when mediators started leaving the centre. I was also ready to leave the centre and explore the beautiful nature of swiss.

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