August 17, 2006

Good Company…

Finally..I got a small break from Switzerland and got a chance to sit in computer to update my blog. On August 2nd I took 3 trains to reach my meditation centre. I had nice company in my train from Paris to Neuchâtel, I cute little Sri Lankan boy, born and brought up in Zurich, was next to me and talking in very cute Tamil accent. He was telling some nice stories about his life in swiss, his swiss friends and the places he has seen in swiss, that was a sweet introduction of Switzerland, just before me landing in there. We had such a nice time that he wanted me to continue the journey to Zurich, I explained him my condition and his mom invited to stay with them during my swiss trip, after finishing my meditation. Although Zurich is not in my travel plan, I like to stop there to say hai to this my little new friend. That’s the picture taken in the train, when he was showing me around Switzerland with a map. Then stopped and went for a stroll in Neuchâtel, La Chaux-de-Fonds and St.Imier before reaching my meditation center in a small hill called Mont Soleil.

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