April 03, 2006

Congrats Sunitha!

In my big circle of friends, there are only very few girls. I admire these girls a lot, mainly for their determination and self confidence. One such friend is Sunitha, my good friend and colleague in the company (Avesthagen) where I was working earlier. She joined the company almost 7 years back, when it was a small start up in a small house in Bangalore, Now its proudly standing in the International Technology Park (ITPL) as a growing Biotechnology company along with big Information Technology Giants of India. Sunitha as a administrative officer, dedicated herself for growth of the company, I still remember the days, when I go late to the office or try to sneak out for the gym during office hours and being caught by her and the long arguments about the rules and the pleasure of breaking rules, the crazy window shopping in the MG Road and Brigade Road. She dives us (crazy) and in her car ! Today as she is enjoying her vacation in Singapore, she won the "GOLD MEDAL - Logic of Science 2005" for her excellent performance in successfully handling the administrative activities in the company. Hats-off to the girl, I admire for her confidence,determination and honesty! That's Sunitha, taken during one of the crazy drive and with her little nice, Keerthana

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ashgene said...

Hii, thats a great news indeed. I hope sunitha reads this blog along so 'Sunitha my congratulations to you', waiting to hear more such great news from her.
- ash#