April 26, 2006

Breaking the Silence!

Ok..let me break this long silence… I was not able to update my blog, I was bit wandering without focus, and without doing anything constructive, Its end of a project, and was doing bit of reading for the new project, also my boss is hosting a ‘BIG’ Photobiology conference in Paris, I am one of the volunteer. Ullas and Priya, my friends from Bangalore (who are not doing their PhD in Missouri) are here for the conference, they are staying with me, I took them around Paris, and I was exploring some new beautiful parts of Paris with them. Ok..Now that’s Ullas and Priya in the Eiffel tower and the next was the dinner in my favorite Indian restaurant, with my favorite people and with some Indian guys who came fore the conference. Also, I am the official photographer for the conference, so, that’s the photo I took in conference. Next two days, there are some more very interesting lectures on Circadian rhythm (biological clock in Plants). After the conference, for the long weekend, I am going to one of the romantic place in Europe (ok..its not Paris its in the neighboring country) .

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