May 18, 2010

Walls of Prejudice

A confused day, and like most of my confused days I spent the evening reading J.Krishnamurti. I watched the Video: The Challenge of Change - J. Krishnamurti Online. The source of my confusion was due to my disbelief in others experiences. For past few weeks I am living the following lines of JK "I have long been in revolt from all things, from the authority of others, from the instruction of others, from the knowledge of others; I would not accept anything as Truth until I found the Truth myself."
When I was 12, I studied Alexandre Dumas 's The black tulip novel in school and argued about the existence of tulips and black flowers. My botany teacher was able to convince me the existence of tulips with a picture, but she was not able to convince me about black tulips. Finally yesterday after 21 years I was able to say my botany teacher was tulips do exist. It is a big struggle to break the wall of prejudice and to reject the experience of friends, family and wise people but there is no joy like experiencing the experience oneself. to share my experience of black tulips!

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iamyuva said...

while its good make your judgement from your own experience.. but there are some exceptions. you haven't kept your hand in fire to experience the heat i assume... something you can learn from others experience..
and sometime we have to learn to trust other lovely souls without questions.