May 03, 2010

in the silence..

Finished a year in Cambridge, it was one of the 'easiest' year in my life, I don't have to make an effort to live or to pass each day. In Paris, life in the middle of buildings, each buildings has its own rules, we transform ourselves to fit into that building. We keep silence inside a library and a museum, ancient buildings should be handled with care and we are suppose to go crazy inside a pub or a disco. But when I am in the laps of nature... as I run behind the sheep...
...walk on the green grass and the wild flowers...or even in a confusing cross roads in the middle of the woods..or just siting silently under a fully bloomed apple tree..In this silence of nature I am able hear every little heart beats of heart doesn't beat for the buildings beats for the people...I am able feel that it beats faster for someone..and slower for others..In that rhythm I am able to discover the moments I lose my temper and the moments when my heart goes out...last one year...walking in the silence of nature to the beats of my wonder my last one year was the easiest year in my life!

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iamyuva said...

smell it, sip it, enjoy it, cherish it, used it.. but watch out-- so that you are not afraid to make the next move when you want/need to..

but i hv to say, from the day we might..somehow i felt-- its your destination (atleast for sometime to come.)