May 22, 2010

Let it go!

Something I discovered in my meditation is, how many 'unrelated' events that happened in my life are connected with a small thread of emotions. Often in my meditation, when a certain type of emotion comes up on the surface of mind, for example disappointment, I can reflect 'all' the events lead to disappointment since my childhood. Yesterday as I was having my lunch at my favorite spot on the Cam bridge at my work, staring at the fishes . Seeing this Pike fish for the first time, with nice patterns on its body shining in the sun rays in the shallow water, I was trying to find the balance between my impassioned wish to hold it closer to me and fear that it will suffocate the little fish. Finally tried to enjoy this beautiful reality that this fish is very nice part of lunch and rejected the impassioned wishes or fear as my own projections of the reality and not actually part of the reality.


iamyuva said...

:) and shld taste and not think too much about it..

Uma said...

"Fish are friends, not food"

-Bruce Finding Nemo!

PS: Fishes are tasty..but I am allergic to them ;-)

Raj said...

and allergic to Pisces (sometimes) too!! :)