April 05, 2010

into gardening!

Two of my friends sprained their ankles last week the same day around the same time, what a coincidence! I reacted the way exactly my mother would react, went into a short panic mode. All my life I was trying to do teach my mother, how to handle such conditions in a calm and sensible way but it is easy to preach than to practice. Both of them seems to be doing fine, got to spend sometime with one today. Rest of the day, Thanks to the good weather I did some gardening, I might have picked up that interest from my mom too..
just few months back my garden was like this.

and today...all green just waiting for my cherry tree to bloom. again differences in gardening in India vs. UK. In India the most challenging part was watering and keeping the crops away from cattle, here in UK the difficult part is to keep them away from frost. I have to tuck my seedlings inside the fleece cloth. hope that will help them from the cold nights of April.

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