April 05, 2010

Run for life!

Me and my friends registered for the Cancer Research UK fundraiser 5 km run. Thanks to the good weather and the generous contribution by my mom, boss and colleagues, I was inspired to start my training today. I did 7 km training, in my favorite Grantchester route, I took it in a very slow pace. Here is the stats of day-1 training run. I hope I will get better before the final run in July. You can be generous by clicking here!Flossie Run!

Started: 5 Apr 2010 17:15:29
Run Time: 1:04:05
Distance: 7.18 km
Average: 8:55 /km
Fastest Pace:6:33 /km
Climb: 11 meters


iamyuva said...

is that map generated using Nike+ ?!

best wishes for the run..

Uma said...

i dont like nike+ that much (or dont know how to use it ) I like cyclemeter, this is good for cycle,run,walk...thanks for the wishes!

Raj said...

run Forrest run........:):):)