January 19, 2010

Liquid fasting!

Planning to live on liquids for a week... Lunch and dinner for the day... Smoothie made of....


iamyuva said...

why this experiment..! agenda.! objective.!! is it worth it?

Uma said...

I have done this experiment before, and was really useful in many ways,

one is its a very good for cleaning over all system, the digestive system get good rest, I usually feel tired in the intial days and later i feel more energetic than normal days.

and the other reason is part of my war on fat, i was able to keep up to my new year resolution and reach a "normal" weight (BMI), but my fat monitor says I have higher fat % than normal, I want to fight that too!

and last but not least...I am too lazy to cook ;-)

But I make sure I get carbs from rice and oats milk and protein from soy milk and all other stuff from friut juices.. :-)

Uma said...

Also, I impressed by self-control, I am making a walnut banana cake now from my work cake club, but I can resist from tasting it ;-)