January 05, 2010

Dream Vs. Reality!

I got back to work yesterday. My colleagues were expecting me to come back with a halo after 10days of intense meditation. unfortunately didn't have one. But I did observe one nice change in me. I was able to understand how much I live in tomorrow. Just sitting in the bus to work, thinking about what is going to happen after an hour or two, who all I want to meet and who all I didn't want to, staging a big drama in my mind, and obviously getting disappointed with my reality. In the very rare case when the drama staged in my mind comes to reality, there is no freshness, the charm of the reality is lost because of its preview in my mind. Well! this conflict between the my minds anticipation and the reality was the reason for few drops of tears I shed in the recent past. Last two days as this meditation helped me to live in the present, 2010's reality seems to be more beautiful and fresh than I can ever dream about.

J.Krishnamurti puts this in his beautiful words, a very nice summary of my meditation.

There is no knowledge of tomorrow
Observation implies no accumulation of knowledge, even though knowledge is obviously necessary at a certain level: knowledge as a doctor, knowledge as a scientist, knowledge of history, of all the things that have been. After all, that is knowledge: information about the things that have been. There is no knowledge of tomorrow, only conjecture as to what might happen tomorrow, based on your knowledge of what has been. A mind that observes with knowledge is incapable of following swiftly the stream of thought. It is only by observing without the screen of knowledge that you begin to see the whole structure of your own thinking. And as you observe - which is not to condemn or accept, but simply to watch - you will find that thought comes to an end. Casually to observe an occasional thought leads nowhere, but if you observe the process of thinking and do not become an observer apart from the observed - if you see the whole movement of thought without accepting or condemning it - then that very observation puts an end immediately to thought, and therefore the mind is compassionate, it is in a state of constant mutation.


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iamyuva said...

that's very positive note to start the year.
its always does..reality is far more fascinating then we could ever imagine of. while iam not so excited about 2009 but last decade given so much interesting change in me, around me,..wow..
i too look forward to 2010 with hope and ray of light to hit me from somewhere...i dont want too much of wisdom,..thatz to complicate life..so i will be mortal and will hope for & settle with lot of money & gal(s)..;))