January 28, 2009


When I think about something which I can never get bored of, the first thing comes to my mind is food! Food is magic, its delicious, goes into your body and makes you do everything you do in your life! Sometimes, I follow Joseph Campbell’s “Follow your bliss” therapy, that is when you are sad or depressed think about the day when you were happy, just calm, composed and happy! When I have to recall such a day, till date the only day comes to my mind, the day I volunteered to cook for 40 meditators for a week! Recently I discovered Mr.Sanjay Thumma also known as vahchef, with his online website, videos he shares lots of recopies online, believe me he is not just any other chef , when you see his videos you can see how passionate he is about cooking (I get tears in my eyes seeing him cooking), I guess he also loves food and cooking as much as I do..Hmm! may be more! Long live Food! Cooking! and Vah-chef!

This is one of my favourite “channa masala’!

More Recipes ... More Videos ... More Blog of Vah-Chef!


iamyuva said...

thanks for recipes... but isn't boring to cook for self.. its wonder & pleasant experience to cook when others are visiting. but i find no motivation to cook for hours just for me..so endup making something quick & easy meal..

Uma said...

I feel the same most of the times, but nothing like gifting yourself a nice weekend lunch! make sure all six tastes are in the food, that will charge you up for the next week!