January 17, 2009

It’s written!

“It’s written in your head” ! That’s the translation of a Tamil phrase which is very commonly used in the place where I was born! Especially when you are going through a hard time and hoping that it’s a blessing in disguise, people always say this to keep us afloat! How easy or difficult is it to convey this Indian philosophy to people, to this new generation who believe more in free will than destiny! Danny boyle beautifully explained this strong belief of Indians (at least for one from the old school) through his movie Slumdog millionaire! Every hardship faced by the protagonist in the movie was just taking him one step closer to be a millionaire! What a beautiful screenplay! Me, as someone caught between East and West often wonder if my life is built by my free will or destiny, so far the pointer is still closer towards..... “May be it’s written”! Oops! May be my life is written, but I wish I can say the same about my thesis very soon!

1 comment:

Sakina said...

I hope this movie will arrive sooon in a theater near Roscoff...

Good luck Uma for the writing of your PhD thesis!!