January 15, 2009

Back to school!

After Christmas holidays, I am back to school! Almost during the complete holiday, I was having a nocturnal life like an Owl. Nice to get back to the human cycle! This break also made me realize two major things. Number one, how much I missed people, it was nice to meet and greet people, to hear their exciting stories about the holiday. Two, I feel I am also ready to break my umbilical cord with Paris. I never thought I will be so attached to Paris. Paris no doubt one of it’s kind in the world, but I did miss certain things here, like walk in the woods, sunny weather and a place to sit and stare at the horizon ( there is no place inside Paris where you see the horizon) . I will miss Paris more for the amazing people who walked into my life in Paris, a very unique combination of friends, their presence is like food and oxygen for my life. But now it’s time for this kid to break that umbilical cord, this vacation time made me realize that I am sort of ready for that, after all you cannot spend your complete life in Paris’s womb right?

PS: I am very grateful for the positive responses I get for my blog. It is very encouraging. No doubt, this blog has become a part of my life and routine. Having said that, I also like to keep the blog discussions restricted only to my blog, through the blog comments. Thanks again!

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Raj said...

hope u had a nice vacation!..yup..i got it...

Wish u a (belated) happy new year 09 and all the very best and gud luck to ur thesis..