November 01, 2008

Let there shall be light and colours!

Breaking the silence... I am back to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of my blog! The silent October passed by with few celebrations, but most of the days before my computer, just writing and writing. Well! Last 5 days, I didn’t step out of my tiny apartment in the 6th floor! I even don’t know if Paris was flooded by rain or not, I hope Monday when I will step out of my house, I will not find water till 4th floor and I can still use a bike and not a boat! Hmm! Never felt so focused about my work!

I am learning a new Statistical Computing language called R and took a resolution that until I solve my current problem using this language, I will not update my blog nor get out of my apartment! The weather was also favouring me, the work was to colour these dots according to some groups! finally I did it! I like to share the coloured plot too, but it is an unpublished data! Sorry! Blog! Need to wait to see that!

So these were some October celebrations!
  • Our paper got published in Nature! It was a great team work by 30 differnt labs may be aross 10 different countries! Here it is online!

  • One more paper got accepted in Nucleic Acids Research.

  • Andy's visit, had a fruitful discussion about the next publications!

  • Diwali and my blog’s 3rd anniversary!

3 years back, missing my friends back in India, I started this blog! Today! I have a similar lovable crowd with me! lots of colours and lights and reasons to celebrate! I will finish this anniversary entry with my childhood sweetheart’s quote “Why to fear losing in life we always win experience”!
PS: A big sorry for all those long list of unanswered mails! Hoping to be more active in the Internet this month!


ashgene said...

Hiiiiiiii Congrats very very very pow happy to see you in Nature publ. I am extremely glad.
And you see now I learnt R a long time back and you are doing so now. Good luck & Happy Deepavali.

Uma said...

thanks! happy diwali to you too! and just once doing stuff before me doesnt count! you are the copycat!