August 27, 2008

Herd of Human!

Is there any factor in this world which can make the entire human race to go in a definite direction? To make everyone to agree on something, even people from the same school or a family have different opinions which influence their decisions. I still wonder what made me decide to leave the family and India when everyone around me was not supporting my decision, was that to escape from problems or the quest to discover the unknown world...I don’t know what made me the black sheep, well! I don’t regret for being one, but often wonder how the life would have been if I were a white sheep! We still don’t know about the factors controlling our life and the decisions that we make. But this latest article shows the factor which controls the grazing habit of the cattle around the world. With the help of Google earth they have found out that the cattle always graze aligning North-South. We humans so different from our counterparts in the animal kingdom enjoy this unpredictability!

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Demara said...

yes I think unpredictability definitely keeps us on our toes and ready for anything, doesn't it?

(I found you through the "Facebook Blog Network". Come visit sometime, my door is always open!)