August 08, 2008

My life!

This wall in hampi reminds me of my life, I keep complaining about the imperfect blocks, may be I should have a broader perspective, another interpretation for this wall and nice photos of hampi in my friend's blog!


Anonymous said...

Like a friend once wrote on my facebook page (after I had been down for a day and was really negative and criticising myself and my life):
"Dear friend, I love your life, and I would therefore appreciate it if you wouldn´t be so critical about it".
And I feel I owe you at least the same.
Your life is great, because it´s in my life as well! Yay!

iamyuva said...

Life is never perfect and never meant to be...

imperfect blocks makes near perfect wall..looks far more beautiful then in isolation, as would moments in life.

also its worth remembering- perfections is enemy of good.