December 26, 2006

Life is like...

How was my life while I disappeared from my blog for last couple of weeks.....?

I received this bunch of beautiful tulips, its one of my favorite flower, since I read the novel “Black Tulip” in my school days. In the last few days, when I was feeling very lazy to come to work, these flowers inspired me to come to my lab...Belive me Tulips, I just came to the lab to see you…

Played “Make the silver spoon stand on the nose” game with my friends both winners and the losers got chocolate cake. Well that was an international game, with 11 nation’s participation, I just realized not only my lab, but also my friends from outside my work are very international, well the gold was taken by Iran and the silver went to Germany.

Took Bala, and his friend (cool dudes from UK) around Paris, The usual question,” Are you not annoyed taking people around in Paris, every time different people, but to the same places?” The answer is “No”, Paris is beautiful, and each day has its own colour, which adds beauty to Paris. Look at the picture, isn’t Eiffel tower look beautiful even with grey cold background.

Adding cheery to all the above exciting events was the mid night mass, Almost half of my life, I almost lived as an catholic as I studied in catholic collage and school, Going to church was part of my life, I love the carols and to listen to the good words from the priest , I feel very positive. Mid night mass was always my dream, which got fulfilled yesterday after almost 20 years


Anonymous said...

Dear Uma, Micha told me the adress of Your blog, I love it!!! I will be reading it regularly now! Jo and I were very happy to have You in Munich, I hope we meet in January.
Lots of hugs,

Uma said...

Thank a lot Jenny!

New year wished to you and Jo.

See you soon