September 15, 2010

This day that year!

15th Sep 2008, I had a deadline for a manuscript submission, worked non-stop...yes! non-stop 25 hours in my Paris lab and the next day (15th sep 2008) when I stepped out of my lab around noon, I found my bike stolen. Which made me write this(to my lost love) blog entry..Oh! god ! I was so cheesy then! Now 2 years later, I started biking again, I almost biked 1500 kms in last 6 months, including London to Cambridge..Love can find you back in many different ways! I wish I will be fit enough to bike till I die! This photo taken during my first break after 30 km, during my London Cambridge biking. Yes! on 25th of July London and Cambridge was linked by a long chain of cyclist! And ...also.. thanks to my friends for their kind donation for this event!

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iamyuva said...

nicee.. iam new to biking world.. loving it so far..