March 30, 2010

Next passion

Using Tai-Chi to kill my excess energy..and beading to kill my spare time..! I can feel forces of nature my two new hobbies...In my 10th tai-chi class, I understood the meaning behind the slow boring movements, that epiphany encouraged me to register for 10 more weeks of tai-chi. My expensive passion for beading was fueled by inheriting 15 years collection of beads from my friends mom... be ready to read more about my beading and tai-chi journey


APARNA said...

Thank god you are back to blogging!!

Nice bead work - do you plan to sell??


Uma said...

Thanks Aparna,

My friend who makes beads showed me a site where they sell hand made stuffs, I am planning to put some there and see how it goes..but it is free for friends in exchange of they being my model and promoting my earring :-)

I like to get one afternoon to show it to you girls :-) then you can decide if you want to be a model and promote my earrings :-)

iamyuva said...

hmmm... so whatz for poor boys.!! shld start wearing i guess..

APARNA said...

Uma...please do bring tem...I am crazy abot earrings and I am sure I will always want one! ..

PS...thanks for following my comment once in a while.