December 10, 2009


Few months back I left Paris with two big suitcases in the same way as I reached the city 4 years back. As I was packing I realized that my wardrobe have completely changed, I was not carrying much things that were with me when I left India. Being a wandered this scares me a lot. Recently was talking to someone who left his home country few months back, his move may not be as dramatic as me, he can still go back to his country and see the house and things he grew up with but he still left something he was very passionate about. Recently I lost few things that I dreamt of having for a longer time in my life and realized that it doesn't matter how big or small the thing is, just the concept of losing is very painful. Beginning a wanderer, I cannot drag the whole world with me..can I? but as a wanderer I enjoy meeting new people and I was surprised to see how sensitive and insensitive people can be in reacting to such losses. some people's consolation can added more pain and some were really sweet. And I still enjoy being a wanderer as I can get to do many 'first things' in my life, like having my christmas tree at home. Thanks Jo!

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valerie said...

Beautiful Uma,

Though I do not know the personal circumstances of your wandering, I can somewhat identify. I too can go home when I please, at least to my official home. But the problem for me is that there are by now so many homes, so many dear friends, so many favourite places, sounds, tastes, smells that I long for, at times I simply wish I wasn't so rich. With this intensity, with all these blessings come moments of longing and sadness. But so many moments of joy too, so many first times, so many happy memories. The art of balance in the soul, the dance of equilibrium in life