December 03, 2009

Paa the Movie!

I told you... bollywood is very famous here, yesterday bollywood movie Paa made headlines in Cambridge news. Part of this movie was shot in Cambridge, specially focusing on this grass hopper clock which is in the heart of Cambridge. I am very curious to see this movie but I hope it is not a remake of Brad Pitt's Benjamin Button, that movie made me sick . Also, I was shocked to read the quote of Dr.Taylor, who is making a replica of this clock, "The fearsome beast which drives the clock indicates that time is often our enemy, not our friend". But, time is always been my good friend, It is a very big healer, it shows me the meaning of all the tears I shed , it takes all the pains and shapes into practical wisdom. After losing all the badminton mixed double match, again time gives me hope that I will get better with time. I have only one complaint with that beast that drives the clock, it makes time too slow. I wish I can gather all the 27 years of experiance and turn 60 next week. Cambridge News.


APARNA said...

Dear Uma,

It is not a remake of Benjamin Button or Jack...but it has all the emotions and drama of a perfect Bollywood movie...I heard so in the review and AB's blog ...have a read...he has written details of his makeup and the movie making.

I also happened to hear a bit from one of the assistant crew members I met on my flight to London in June. (they came on the same flight for the shoot!).


Uma said...

ooo! exciting! I hope it will be screen in cambridge. Let me know if you get any news about it!

iamyuva said...

i dont know why but i dont have kind reactions towards AB's family (he, son & d-in-law) or their works... i constantly doubt their general moral intentions and skills.