July 01, 2009

First adventure!

Last 3 months, I am bored of writing about how great things are going here in Cambridge! So, here comes some changes.. Just today for the first time, I felt some mild forces were against me! Where should I start..Well! Today was my badminton day..I played from evening 4:50 to 8:15, after causing some mild injury to the opponent with my shuttle..took the 8:30 bus back home, but a grumpy driver refused to stop in my stop...so got down almost 4 miles after my home and was trying to get the city bus. Well! This is Cambridge...there is only one bus every hour, I was “lucky” enough to have one in 10 min, I saw my bus approaching and put my hands in my purse to get money and realized that I had only 10 penny in my purse...so have to miss that bus, went in search of ATM..Taxi...Normally it takes 15 min to reach home from work..On a very bad day it can take 2 hours, I reached home at 10: 40. Well! In spite of all the adventure, I was able to update my status live in facebook an got support from friends who were miles away... one of my roommate offered to pick me up if I get into such adventure next time! iPhone is fun!


Anonymous said...

nice to see you in action again, keep going!


Raj said...

if u would have used twitter instead of face book then u would have got help from ur friends immediately..:)