June 27, 2009

First rain!

GeoTagged, [N52.16843, W0.11547] First time in the last 3 months in UK, I used my umberlla. So far me and rain had a good timing, only either on of us out at a time. Yesterday in a nice warm evening there was a heavy down pour which reminded me lot of Indian monsoon. Specially walking in a muddy road, trying to avoid water filled pit, parts of your leg and hands wet still not cold... Exacly like a pleasent down pour in India so when I decided to move to UK, few friends in France were not too happy about it, one of the reason they gave was "bad weather" they were worrried that I may find it difficult to survive the UK rain. So, I was talking to my dad about my friends concern about " bad weather". As an engineer who worked in river management, trying to make channels for the farmers, he didnt agree with my friends in calling UK weather a "bad one". According to him rain can be one of the best thing that can happen to keep the farmers happy in India. As my dad's daughter I can't agree more with him. He knew some orthodox farmers who perform special prayers and rituals to have rain, so according to him UK is a bless country...again I have to agree with him...Rain..that feed the crops that are waiting to feed us, making my cambridge green. After all the soothing green is one of new colour added to my life recently, which took me out of my Phd depression. Well! I didnt enjoy rain in Paris as much I do and did in UK and India, may be in Paris ...rain in a concrete jungle..all rain and no green.


iamyuva said...

rain..everywhere is wonderful. same in luxembourg. very green.

paris n london same you can find green places and still its all buildings.

Uma said...

I found London more greener than Paris!