June 22, 2009

First Cricket

Played my first cricket match, it is the first time playing with the full cricket costume in a real ground, in the home ground of Jack Hobbs(parkers piece). I played a friendly match for NCI (one of cambridge cricket club) vs.Ramsey(a village close to cambridge). It was great, the feeling we get as I watched 1000s of match is totally different from the one when you are actually in the field, the intense , need to concentrate for every single ball when you are in the field, running between the wickets, it is not as relaxing as it looks like. Great team sport with tea breaks...its just my type of game. I scored 5 for not out but I gave off all the runs in one over I bowled (well that was equivalent to two with all the extra balls that I gave). The more terrible thing I did was to run my partner out, yes! one of the very good player in my team got run out because of my wrong call! Need to do some serious practice. In spite of all the stupid mistakes I did, we won by 25 runs!

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Anonymous said...

I wish i can play here too :-(