December 08, 2008

Tara in Paris

How does it feel to spend 507 days in a small 36m sail boat? Especially when it is not sailing, just drifting through the Arctic ice (following the above route)...and after deliberately getting locked in the ice and all they can do is to study the climate change... and wait for the ice to melt and unlock the boat -41°C temperature.. with 230 days of complete darkness and 230 days of complete sunshine...
Now...How does it feel to step into that sail boat along with people who did the above adventure? Truly.. top of the world right? That’s how I feel today, after talking to the people and partying with them in their very own sail boat, Tara. Tara, the little boat is now resting in Paris river seine and thanks to our boss who took us there.

Today as Grant Redvers, the only person along with the captain spent the complete 507 days was describing his adventures. Once they had to even make a kilometre long runway over the frozen ice manually for their visitor’s flight it seems.

Sam, the engineer of the Tara said that just being inside the boat which is surrounded by 5 feet tall ice constantly crushing their boat and making weird sounds was pretty adventurous it seems. Wow! What a trip! I wonder what drives the scientist.... It’s definitely not the money or fame; I guess it’s the unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

End of this trip, the scientists were left with only disappointment that their trip was 200 days shorter than their plan..reason..the ice melted much faster than they warming?

Now Tara is getting ready with my boss and other collaborators for the next project this time not cutting the ice, but for a cutting edge metagenomics project!

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