December 04, 2008

Some colours!

My retired parents were so bored at home, specially when all their friends living with their children and busy with their grandchildren, added more fuel to the fire. Luckily they started keeping themselves busy, my dad started expanding the house and shops, constructing and reconstructing , adding more colour to this Madurai street Thanks Micha for the photo! (Micha! Sorry! I actually stole that photo from the face book!). My mom joined a university, she was a very intelligent student during her school days it seems, unfortunately she was forced to discontinue her studies and got married at 14. Now she is happy to join the university again and this time to learn her favourite alternate medicine. Hmm! More over now they have these cute little guests in their home. This will keep them busy for sometime!

1 comment:

iamyuva said...

wow..great na. color street is kool but mom deciding to taking-up her fav subject / even kooler.

you should push them visit you during...i manage to do that with 4yr effort.;)