October 13, 2006

World Peace!

We all crave for Peace in life and that’s the thing the world needs the most. Many people believe that they are working for world peace, and they make “war to have peace”. Today morning as I was reading the News on the potential Nobel peace prize winner for this year, I was really shocked to see Sri Ravi Shankar’s name. He has a spiritual organization called the Art of Living; I really don’t know how it works, but for its very basic nature that it’s not affordable by an average Indian, makes me have my own doubts, as I grew up seeing lots of money making spiritual organizations of India. Can we sell peace and harmony as a commodity? Finally among all the controversies, it’s nice to see this year’s winner. Hope this decision will make people think about the fellow human being who are still fighting for just one complete meal, before they waste money on war and religion, ironically in the name of Peace.

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