September 07, 2006

Oxygen Lag...

As soon as reached Gare de l’Est station, one of the most crowded stations in Paris, I was suffocating and I took an underground metro for 30 min to reach home. It was a big shock, living for a month close to open landscapes with lots of fresh air and just with sounds of nature made me suffocate in the small noisy and crowded metro. I fell sick for few days, I know that sick people go to Switzerland to rest and recover . I never knew that leaving Switzerland makes you fall sick… anyways somehow got adapted to this oxygen lag of Paris, and got back to my lab and laptop, that’s why got time to update my blog…now back to work. Among all the sickness and the work burden just sitting over my work desk, I am very happy to work hard for next month because my next trip is waiting just around the corner, as soon as I came back made the bookings for my next trip. This time back to my favorite country Italy, the beauty of Switzerland didn’t manage to steal the first position from Italy. Italy along with its beautiful nature also have wonderful food, great culture and more over lively warm crowd of people, which was greatly missing in Switzerland. Since my next trip is official with a small extension for my personal sight seeing, I have to now happily get back to my work and start working hard for my work presentation in Italy conference.

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