September 07, 2006

Basel Zoo..

On my way back to Paris from Mont-Soleil, I went to Basel for taking my connection train. I had 10 hours to roam around the city, I started in the Basel zoo, just because it’s very close the railway station. For the first time I got a chance to see African elephants, Elephants are my favorite animals. They are very strong but they don’t use their strength for violence, unless and until it’s absolutely necessary. I treated myself with a high-calorie lunch in the zoo with having a view of these elephant from my lunch table; I felt these elephants were mocking me as I put every piece of the chocolate cake in my mouth. Sorry my dear African elephants! I feel the Asian elephants in Madurai temple are much cuter than you guys! It all happened in September 2nd, on my mom’s birthday, she loves animals and zoos a lot, and she is still not able to recover from Steve Irwin’s tragic death. I finished my Basel trip and my summer vacation in the city center, as in most of the European cities the old city center was cute and classical in Basel too. Basel photos...

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