March 12, 2009

Live from UK!

Finally my long term dream to visit UK came true today, Crossed the English channel under the water (first time, I was not scared to be underwater) . It is overwhelming to be in my favourite Europe, but still I can understand what people around me are talking and to understand all the signs written around. As soon as I landed, I was expecting a long immigration check as happened during my trip to USA and Canada but I was able to pass 'like' an European, and London also treated me well with a delicious healthy meal at Pret A Manger! (Thanks Micha, for this healthy suggestion) . You may have to wait for few more days to see some touristy photographs of UK!


iamyuva said...

london-that's like second home to me.. if you need any pointers feel free to ping me.

dont miss-- 2for1, stand up comedy, musicals, saravana bhavan,..

iam sure you will loads of fun

ashgene said...

next be ready to go to hell.

Uma said...

sorry Ahamar, i am not close to your place and it is very short, i promise next time. if you are not mad at me.

ashgene said...

Uma I live here, Oxford is just 45 mts from London by train so dont try your chums here.
You could have atleast mailed me or called me. I despise you now.