January 03, 2007

NON 2007?

So, how did you welcome 2007? Wait a minute, here is a group in France who don’t want to welcome 2007; they went on road saying “non 2007”, well! This is the highest of protest in French history I guess. Is this something like Y2K problem, when ‘computer’ people were scared to welcome 2000? I don't kown!!! Last few days, I was reading a lot about ‘global warming’, especially because the organism, which I am working on “the diatoms” are proved to have the capacity to rescue us from the green house gases and hence global warming. You guys may think that I am just trying to make hype for the diatoms, I am working on, but no…Global warming is really a serious issue, specially after most of my friends who have the habit of going to Alps for Christmas vacation to Ski, came back with disappointment. Yesterday Sui’s (the Australian girl in my lab) mother told me that last week they had snow in her town, just middle the summer week with an average temperature of 30 degrees. That’s really scary,ok..now.. lets not go on the road and say non to 2007, atleast lets add “Use more public transport” in our new year’s resolution.Check out Summer Snow in Australia in Sui's Blog! News: French marchers say 'non' to 2007


Anonymous said...

It's so crazy isn't it!! I've put a couple of photos that my brother sent me up on my blog. It didn't even snow that much last Winter.

Sui xx

Uma said...

thanks for the pic sui! its crazy! i have added a link to the pics in my blog!

Anonymous said...

p.s Diatoms are so cool!!