September 02, 2010

Hug from 4th Dimension

I have to contradict myself again, as a follower of tenth dimension blog, I should be believing in magic sort of things, after all human can see only up to three dimensions. Sometimes we even pretend not to understand the realities of third dimension. Today I pretended not to understand my mother and my friend pretended not to understand my email, we both live in the fear of facing strong emotions. To overcome the fears of 3rd dimension, here is a hug from the 4th dimension. Mom! this hug is for you on your birthday! and one for you my friend, to face the emotions of today which doesn't need a year long planing and agenda. So, Now if you wonder how this 4th dimension hug may look or feel like, you can have a look at Sarah Maxine Williams animation of two dimensional beings getting hug from 3rd dimension.
And if you are curious enough to spend 18 min to see whats around the corner from 4th to 10th dimensions have a look at this blog.


Rob Bryanton said...

Hi Uma, nice to know you're following my blog, thanks for the nice mention and I'm glad to see you're a fan of Sarah Maxine's animation work.

You provided a link to my original Imagining the Tenth Dimension animation. Another link your readers might find relevant is to a more recent blog entry of mine called "What's Around the Corner" which also pays tribute to Sarah Maxine's work:

I've provided a link to your blog in my Interesting Links section of my blog, at


Rob Bryanton

Unknown said...

;) old fashion 2D hug from singapore..